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Hockey Night in Canada menus, Round 4: Chili

A tale of four chilies…

I decided to start classic – Meaty Beany Chili from Isa Does It.


Image I was killer impressed with this recipe. The ingredients are super basic and the recipe is as straight forward as can be, but the result was probably the best veggie chili I’ve ever made. It was great with a side of toasted herb bread. Very annoyingly, I can’t digest garlic, so this has been my substitute for years.


Next up was White Bean Chili by Vegan in the Freezer.


I didn’t have my beautiful new slow/pressure cooker yet, so just made it on the stovetop. This is a very tasty chili, but the tinned green chilies I used were definitely NOT mild. It came out super spicy (and I have an I-lived-in-Korea-for-three-years high tolerance for spicy). I cooled it down by adding more stalk and stirring in an extra cup of mashed up white beans.  It was still hot enough to make our cheeks tingle, but tasty.

I like things to match… I figured white beans go with cauliflower, a white vegetable, so… Cauliflower Sandwich Bread by Vegan Richa.


Bread and pastry are two of my only somewhat well-founded mental cooking blocks. I had to work myself up to trying this recipe, but, when it came down to it, I just followed the steps and it came out great.


The following week was more experimental – Red Lentil Thai Chili from Isa Does It.


It is what it sounds like – Thai curry meets traditional chili. I was open-minded about the idea, but didn’t expect to like it quite as much as I did. I’ll definitely be making this again (after I finish the leftovers I put in the freezer).


Last, but not least, my favourite colour – green! Chili Verde con Papas from Appetite for Reduction.


This is a fantastic, crazily nutrient-dense recipe. In addition to more standard chili fare, there’s a whole bundle of kale cooked in. I didn’t even attempt to go looking for fresh tomatillos, but I found the tinned version easily enough in the Mexican section of a little local grocery story.

Image The corn muffins from the Meaty Beany Chili link above were a perfect match for this chili. I had some cilantro and a lonely jalapeno on hand, so mixed those in for some green flecks and a bit of zing.


Typed up in the adorable lap-hogging company of Benjamina Kitten Pants ; )


 Are you done yet!?


 Next up: I’m thinking Mexican.