A perfectly fall menu

Probably my biggest cooking pleasure is assembling a menu that is a perfect match to its circumstances. Something about the order and balance of it calms my mind. This perfect fall menu simply fell into place, starting with Two Bean and Leek Sausages by The Gourmet Vegan.


I make my own vegan sausages reasonably often, and all of the other recipes I’ve tried use vital wheat gluten to get a sausage-like texture; these don’t. They’re bound with just beans and breadcrumbs, more like many of the bean burger recipes I’ve used rolled into a sausage shape. They were super easy to make (especially if you follow the instructions and mash everything up with your hands), held their shape well, and tasted great. The leeks (which I love) make them a wonderful tribute to fall.


Just fry the leeks until they’re soft, dump them in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients, and mash it all up with your hands.

The sausages were just going to be a quick and simple Friday night dinner, but then The Ordinary Vegan posted this recipe for mushroom gravy.


Tasty stuff! The recipe keeps it chunky, which I’m thinking would be fantastic with chickpea cutlets. This time, though, I opted to puree it with an immersion blender.


Being fall, the grocers in my neighbourhood are flooded with beautiful big heads of locally grown cauliflower (for just $1!). So I figured, why make mashed potatoes when you can make Caulipots instead? From my number 1 go-to cookbook, Appetite for Reduction:


I love the blend of cauliflower and potatoes for its own sake, but it’s also a great trick for cutting calories if you’re watching them (if you reduce/omit the olive oil). This recipe comes out beautifully creamy.

And finally, for the green, what says fall more than brussels sprouts? Also from Appetite for Reduction (scroll down to the bottom of the post):


Image Image

I’m one of those unfortunate people who can’t digest garlic, which this recipe calls for a lot of. While I’m sure I’m missing out, it still tastes fantastic with just the onion.

Image All that was missing was my dad’s beet pickles!


2 thoughts on “A perfectly fall menu

  1. Jennifer

    Dawn, that dinner looks amazing. I bet it took you a little longer to put it all together than a usual “quick Friday night dinner”. But then you probably felt like you were eating out.

    1. thehomevegan Post author

      Yes… a bit longer than a quick dinner, but still not terribly long! I think they’re all pretty forgiving recipes.


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