Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

My brief but much-needed camping holiday started with taking an extra day off to grocery shop and cook (and listen to CBC)! Vegan camping really is a snap. If anything, it’s easier because it matters less if your cooler starts to lose its cool.

First, my favourite camping/picnic standby – veggie sushi. This batch’s colourful set of ingredients: steamed asparagus (reserved from dinner earlier in the week), baked yam strips (also reserved from dinner earlier in the week), red pepper, avocado, cucumber, spinach, and Appetite For Reduction’s Masala Baked Tofu (yet another good reason to buy this cookbook!). I usually use brown rice when I make sushi for home consumption, but it doesn’t stick together quite as well as traditional sushi rice. For transport, I find a mix works best. This turned into a huge batch, and even the last few pieces that went into Sunday’s lunch of leftovers on the way home still tasted great.

sushi ingredientssushi

The sushi, a few extra slabs of the baked tofu (just as good cold as it is hot), some store-bought samosas, a box of fancier crackers than I would usually splurge on, and hummus with a big bag of veggies (man cherry tomatoes are good right now!) did the trick for three rounds of lunch.

There are a zillion hummus recipes out there (this might not even be an exaggeration!), but I tend to fall back on the one in (surprise, surprise…) Appetite for Reduction. Isa’s genius trick is replacing most of the oil with the liquid from the chickpea tin.

Dinner the first night – Baked Falafel (dinner the second night was much more low brow – veggie dogs over the camp fire)


Falafel is a camping no-brainer. Tasty, easy to pack, keeps well, and easily satisfies that lots-of-fresh-air hunger. Another Appetite for Reduction gem:

I love this tzatziki recipe so much. While it was no problem to squeeze a tub of it in the cooler, it still felt like a touch of luxury to have it camping.

The non-savouries were thanks to Dreena Burton. Oatmeal for breakfast was rounded out with her BF Blueberry Muffins from Let Them Eat Vegan (if you are going to buy two vegan cookbooks…). I also used this trip as a chance to getting around to trying her Proper Healthy Granola Bars recipe. They get an A, easy!

Neither recipe is available online, sorry. But here’s a picture of the granola bars.

granola bars

And just because she’s so darn cute, here’s our cat in the cooler. No, she didn’t get to come!

cooler cat

I would love to hear about your camping favourites. While I won’t get a chance to try any out in the proper wilderness until next year, there’s still time for a few nice picnics at the park!

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