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Hockey Night in Canada menus, Round 2: Take-out made in

My next round of Hockey Night in Canada cooking…

Menu V: IndianImageI received my beautiful new copy of Isa Does It that week, and the central dish, Coconut Chana Saag, is from there. Easy and delicious! The recipe isn’t available online yet, but I can’t recommend this cookbook enough. It is BEAUTIFUL in every way! It’s also insanely reasonably priced ($20 at I tried to wait and put it on my Christmas wish list, but didn’t even manage to hold off past the pre-order date.


I’ve been big on cauliflower lately, so I went searching for Aloo Gobi recipes as the side. Not surprisingly, I chose a recipe from my Indian cooking go-to, Vegan Richa. This recipe is her dad’s favorite, and I’m guessing he really knows his Aloo Gobi. Again, easy and tasty!


I’d never made mango chutney before, but remembered spotting this straight-forward little recipe in Veganomicon and figured this was a good chance to give it a whirl. Wish I’d tried it sooner! No more store-bought chutney for me. It really does take only 5 minutes to prepare, though it does need time to cool.

Menu VI: Sushi

For years, I thought sushi was something best eaten in restaurants. I’ve done a full 180 on this one. I LOVE making sushi at home and I really enjoy coming up with vegan combinations. For this batch, I marinated and baked a block of tofu three different ways: curry, hot sauce, bbq. I also try to use a good mix of colors and textures with the veggies: sweet potatoes, green onions, bell peppers, avocado, and rocket/arugula.

As much as I like to mix up the filling, you’ll see I’m totally boring when it comes to the size of the roll. I find small ones too rice-y, and never was a fan of the big fancy ones that require multiple bites and inevitably make a mess.

Image Image


We managed to eat this whole platter in just two days!

Menu VII: Chinese



I’ll admit I was pretty proud of how this turned out!

The Sticky Orange Chicky Stir-Fry is also from Isa Does It. This is a great recipe if you like sweet and tangy. Stir-fry aside, the chickpea seitan was fantastic in and of itself. The leftovers went into a nice dumpling stew and also worked well as “chicken” salad filling for sandwiches. Not online though, sorry.

The Garlic Chive Seitan Potstickers are from Terry Hope Romero’s Vegan Eats World. Since the stir-fry already used seitan, I decided to substitute tempeh, and I also had to omit the garlic (I can’t digest it). Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly, and these turned out great. There’s something so luxurious about taking the time out to make dumplings from scratch. OK, almost scratch – I bought the wrappers.

The rice is Unfriend Fried Rice from Appetite for Reduction. Isa really does rock at ditching the unnecessary crap, but keeping the taste!

Menu VIII: Thai

Pad Thai (of course!) and Mango Friend Rice. Both recipes are in Isa Does It, but they were first introduced on her blog, Post Punk Kitchen.

Both recipes are super nice and a big treat, but I have to admit this was my least successful batch of Hockey Night cooking so far. Partly, it was because I should have picked one or the other, and then gone with a lighter side dish – in spite of it being so perfectly take out-ish to have noodles and fried rice for dinner. But, mostly, I didn’t end up with the proper amount of time to spend in the kitchen that day. My veggies lost their bright crispness and things stuck as I scrambled around getting ready for my mom to arrive. I even forgot to snap a picture!

I will go back to both of these when I can give them the time and attention they deserve, maybe trying the pineapple substitution for the rice next time.

Finally… I know, I know! I left out the most obvious of all take out foods – pizza! That’s because the next batch will be all pizza – including a rather experimental shepherd’s pie one.